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Get in the Habit of Goal Setting

Do yourself a huge favor and get into the habit of running your contracting business with intention. Go out of the way to write down the goals you have for your company and its future. Studies show that making this small effort increases the chance of you meeting those goals! Your day-by-day becomes more bearable and even exciting if you are moving toward a solid target, rather than guessing as you go.

Put Safety First

In the contracting industry, safety comes first. Protect your business with insurance and surety bonds and your employees with worker’s compensation. Your contracting business should always comply and your education up to date. Train your employees so they are as qualified in safety best practices as you are. Worksite safety procedures should be a routine process and the starting point of each job.

Build a Team of High-Performers

Depending on your business goals, you will probably be working with either subcontractors or direct employees. You will want to treat them similarly when it comes to your selection process. Think of the reputation and quality of work you want your business to represent and hire only those who will work hard to uphold this. It can be difficult at times, especially if you are in a bind for more labor. However, if you are subcontracting, do your best to repeatedly offer work to those high performers. In time you will find yourself with a reliable team of producers.

Midsouth Mechanical ensures these three qualities on every job. Contact us today to inquire about what we can do for you!