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For over 25 years, Midsouth Mechanical has provided our industrial client’s with exceptional service in the areas of custom fabrication, modifications, and repair of industrial equipment, that is both efficient and cost effective, without sacrificing quality. With services ranging from preventive plant maintenance, to the design, installation and alignment of custom machinery. Our experience and commitment to the highest level of customer service, coupled with the exceptional skill and craftsmanship of our staff, is what makes Midsouth Mechanical different from our competition. Our range of capabilities in Mechanical contracting, design, and implementation, make us one of the most complete service providers in the Mechanical contracting industry. Our goal is to make customers for life and we are 100% committed to achieving that goal with each and every customer.



Mr. Charles Arrington’s youthful love of baseball led him to pursue a career as a high school teacher and baseball coach. After Graduating from LaGrange College with a degree in education, Charles found there were no teaching jobs available in the area. Having recently wed his wife Sharron (whom he would remain married to until his death in 2015), Charles was in need of employment and could not hold out for a teaching job to come available. Charles found an opportunity at a local textile mill and he began his career at Milliken & Co as a worker in the maintenance department, a department that he would eventually come to manage and one where he would spend the next 18 years of his life. In 1989, Charles Arrington decided to start his own company focusing on Fabrication and Millwright contracting services for industrial plants in the Troup County area, thus, Midsouth Mechanical, Inc. was born.

Midsouth grows to over 100 employees


Within just five short years, Midsouth Mechanical had grown from a total of 5 employees to over 100. This rapid growth was fueled by the booming textile industry in the area and as the Industry grew, so did Midsouth. In 1994, Midsouth moved into its new 3,000sf office located on Airport Parkway, which also provided 18,000sf of shop / fabrication space. Midsouth also purchased a CNC plasma table, making Midsouth one of the first and only contractors with this type of technology in the Troup county area. To continue the expansion trend, Midsouth Mechanical purchased a local machine shop and added Machining to its ever growing list of services offered.

Midsouth triples revenue


In 1999 Midsouth had become one of the largest mechanical contractors in Georgia, South of Atlanta. At this time, Midsouth Mechanical employed over 200 field employees and added several more office personal to the staff. With this growth, Midsouth saw its annual revenue grow to over $20 Million, nearly three times what it had been just a few short years ago. This rapid growth and success of Midsouth is attributed to the growth of its Process Piping Division, Superior Craftsmanship and Customer Service. Midsouth Mechanical built a strong reputation throughout the textile industry and used this as a springboard to extend its service area to work outside of the local area and began working on projects all over the southeast. A couple of the more notable projects at this time were the Milliken Live Oak Plant Re-Build and a complete Modification of the Production line at the Uniroyal Tire Building.

Greenville SC

Midsouth expands into automotive industry


In the Mid 2000’s, the Us Economy was hit with the results from a bursting housing bubble that impacted almost every industry, along with the Us Stock market. During this time, the textile industry all but vanished from the Troup County area and Midsouth Mechanical was forced to look for another industry in which it could grow. As luck would have it, the automotive industry was working its way south as many operations pulled away from areas like Detroit. Midsouth began working on multiple plant relocation’s, disassembling equipment all over the US to be re-installed at it’s new destination. Notable jobs at this time include, the Honda Utilities Piping project (Roughly $ 6 million in revenue) and the Kia Plant Internal Infrastructure project (just over $ 8 Million in revenue).

Shifted focus to include aerospace and food and beverage


Even though Midsouth was able to shift its focus from the textile industry to automotive, the economic recession still took a toll on the business. With many of the local businesses moving production overseas for cheaper labor, there were very few opportunities left in the South Atlanta region. With no new work coming in and very few prospects, Midsouth was forced to cut its workforce to less than 20 employees. Even though, faced with these tremendous hurdles, the Arrington Family refused to give up and Charles prepared for the future by handing over control of the business to two of his sons. In 2013, Greg and David Arrington took over leadership of Midsouth Mechanical and would eventually take over ownership as equal partners upon their father’s death in 2015. Together, the brothers began to re-brand the image of the company and shifted their Industry focus to include aerospace and food and beverage.



Eventually, Midsouth Mechanical was able to beat the odds and keep the business alive. Today, Midsouth Mechanical employs over 100 of the best-skilled craftsmen in the industry. Midsouth continues to honor the legacy of its founder Charles Arrington by continuing to adhere to the core values on which it was built. We believe in encouraging our employees to be creative and understand they are the foundation upon which this company is built. We believe in providing exceptional service to all of our customers. Whether you are local “mom and pop” business or a multinational corporation, you can expect that we will make your business a priority and provide the highest level of service possible. Corporate integrity, our reputation, and reliability are paramount and we hold ourselves to the highest standard. We will hold ourselves and all those employed by us accountable and will practice business fairly, and with the highest ethical standard possible.