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Experienced riggers and millwrights ready to safely and efficiently relocate any manufacturing facility

Our skilled workers make relocating an entire plan a seamless and incident-free transition. Our team of engineers and managers will schedule a plan to unhook disassemble, relocate, and reassemble all of your equipment while being conscious of your time schedule and budget. The Midsouth Mechanical Contracting team has years of experience combined with continuous training and learning bringing our customers highly knowledgeable partners that are able to decrease costs and downtime.

When a company chooses to relocate their manufacturing facility, millwrights and warehousing logistics experts become key players. The millwright will essentially move the production line from its current location to the new one. Warehousing is typically arranged for both temporary and permanent storage of all materials and finished products during this process.

The millwright relocates machines, tools, equipment, gauges, data centers, and office furniture involved in the production process from the old plant/building to the new one. They also build fixtures or jigs required for assembly.

Midsouth has been relocating plants and moving large machinery all over the Southeast for over two decades. The process starts with detailed planning. Call us today or use our contact form to give us details about your upcoming plant relocation. We can provide a free quote and offer our informed opinion as to the best path forward for your project.

Heavy lifting is our specialty

Rigging is a huge part of moving heavy machinery and relocating a manufacturing facility. Riggers set up the large machinery and lift it into position with a crane or a forklift to make sure everything fits together before welding things in place. Riggers also work on the ground, using machine lifting equipment to load machines onto trucks or rail cars. Riggers are very similar to millwrights but they do their work from the ground rather than from an elevated platform.

Machine movers provide transportation for large pieces of equipment, such as mills and presses, from one location to another for relocation within a plant, transport between plants, or export. They must be able to move these very heavy objects by hand or with small-capacity cranes over short distances and up ramps. They also need to know how to set up and operate rigging devices to place or remove the equipment from trucks and rail cars and how to use low-capacity cranes and dollies during short distance transfers. Riggers work primarily on a construction site, Rigging often has its own company which hires workers who specialize in Rigging jobs. Riggers can be contracted out by companies who may need equipment moved for installation at a construction site or within their factory.

Secure storage throughout the Southeast

We have facilities in Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama strategically located near major interstate exchanges. Our warehousing is secure and safe for long-term storage of expensive manufacturing equipment.

Midsouth offers warehousing services for warehousing and storing a variety of finished goods, raw materials, parts, and tools. We also provide forklift service to load or offload your warehoused items. Our warehousing facilities are located throughout the southeast at key locations to make sure you get the most efficient warehousing solution possible.

Warehousing heavy machinery is necessary when relocating a manufacturing facility or storing equipment between projects. It involves disassembling, moving, reassembling, and sometimes building fixtures needed for assembly. Millwrights do the heavy lifting involved in relocating a plant while riggers move machinery from ground level using lifts and other types of machinery.

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Midsouth Mechanical has consistently met or exceeded our expectations each and every project. The cooperation and collaboration that Midsouth Mechanical brings to the table is greatly appreciated. All projects have been completed in a timely manner with excellent results.

Thomas H.

President, PSI

Midsouth Mechanical is very capable in rigging, transporting, and installing machinery of all types. Midsouth Mechanical also installed many other services, such as installing large 10” compressed-air piping loops, underground repairs, design of tooling/processing aids, insulation, many auxiliary items.

Charles P.

Milliken, Project Manager

We utilized Midsouth Mechanical most recently on a large project located in Columbus, Georgia, and they were great to work with from the bidding phase all the way through completed construction. We have found that Midsouth Mechanical’s quality of work to be excellent and their pricing very competitive.

Chase C.

VP, Carlisle General Contracting

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    Safety is paramount in everything we do.

    ISNetworld Member – Midsouth Mechanical has maintained an A rating through ISNetworld since joining in 2012.

    Avetta Approved Contractor – Since 2012 Midsouth has maintained A ratings as an Avetta approved contractor.

    OSHA Trained – All team members are equipped with OSHA 10 certification. OSHA training is performed in house through our OSHA Certified Trainer.

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