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    Southeast Pulp & Paper

    In 2021, the pulp and paper mill industry revenue in the United States is forecasted to hit $31bn. Many of these modern pulp mills are located in the Southeast where tree farms that grow pulpwood are located. Midsouth is proud to have partnered with many pulp and paper producers across, Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina. We have the team and equipment required to service these complicated operations. Learn more about our mechanical contracting services for the pulp and paper industry below.

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    Process piping

    Converting trees into pulp requires many steps. Some steps are mechanical and many are chemical. Due to efficiencies from chemical recovery, producing pulp and raw goods for paper products is highly environmentally safe and cost-effective. Moving carefully measured amounts of white liquor into large tanks known as digestors is the work of process piping. Back liquor is an intermediate step where wood fibers undergo further delignification. In the final step of the chemical processing of wood fibers, lime is added as well as heat to convert the byproduct from green liquor into white liquor. This entire process is known as the Kraft recovery process which is only possible through complex process piping.

    Our engineering team uses computer-aided design (CAD) to design systems ahead of implementation. Our teams do pipe prefabrication to the extent it can be done ahead of an installation or repair job. Typically, on-site fabrication is also necessary.

    Large tank installation

    Midsouth is known across the Southeast for its machine moving and rigging services. The knowledge we have in this area makes it easy for us to move large tanks into position for installation. We can install large tanks as part of the initial plant construction or replace broken tanks. We can also accommodate customers who need storage area for large pieces of equipment while they await buyer instructions or insurance review.

    Sorting and Conveyance Equipment

    In the manufacturing process of pulp, the first step is typically converting logs into wood chips. Debarking machinery is used for this along with industrial wood chippers. The pieces are moved through various sorting machinery using complex conveyance equipment. Our mechanical contractors not only install conveyance equipment for many industries, but we also maintain it. Avoid costly downtime, learn more about our preventative maintenance.

    Safety is paramount in everything we do.

    ISNetworld Member – Midsouth Mechanical has maintained an A rating through ISNetworld since joining in 2012.

    Avetta Approved Contractor – Since 2012 Midsouth has maintained A ratings as an Avetta approved contractor.

    OSHA Trained – All team members are equipped with OSHA 10 certification. OSHA training is performed in house through our OSHA Certified Trainer.

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    Midsouth Mechanical has consistently met or exceeded our expectations each and every project. The cooperation and collaboration that Midsouth Mechanical brings to the table is greatly appreciated. All projects have been completed in a timely manner with excellent results.

    Thomas H.

    President, Pratt & Whitney

    Midsouth Mechanical is very capable in rigging, transporting, and installing machinery of all types. Midsouth Mechanical also installed many other services, such as installing large 10” compressed-air piping loops, underground repairs, design of tooling/processing aids, insulation, many auxiliary items.

    Charles P.

    Milliken, Project Manager

    We utilized Midsouth Mechanical most recently on a large project located in Columbus, Georgia, and they were great to work with from the bidding phase all the way through completed construction. We have found that Midsouth Mechanical’s quality of work to be excellent and their pricing very competitive.

    Chase C.

    VP, Carlisle General Contracting

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