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Blast Freezing on an Industrial Scale

Midsouth Mechanical has the right team and equipment to service the cooling needs of any industrial food producer. Our mechanical contractors are trained to work with cryogenic liquids ensuring your facility will safely operate. We have worked with seafood producers, meat producers, and frozen food producers to help them meet their unique production demands.

We understand the importance of bringing the temp down really low, really quickly. Food safety and food quality are paramount. Learn more about our services for food and beverage companies or contact a project manager today for guidance and a free quote.

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Tunnel freezing machines

We’ve installed numerous tunnel freezing machines which are quite useful for IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) food items. These machines can be adjusted for fruits, vegetables, meat, or seafood. They are incredibly versatile and quite common in industrial food production. We work with our clients to determine the best placement of these machines to maximize footprint as well as production efficiency.

Chilled glycol piping

Many industrial applications make use of chilled glycol piping, a useful heat transfer fluid. While this technology is used in many industries including medicine, research, brewing, and plastics, it commonly shows up in food production where propylene glycol is often used. Our process piping team has extensive experience with this type of equipment and is trained on current best practices. This ensures the longevity of the machines, safety for workers, and maximum efficiency when operating.

Large tank installation

Many blast freezing operations require large tanks to store cryogenic liquids and other chemicals or products that are in-process like beverage manufacturers. There are both federal and state guidelines for ensuring the tanks and piping connected to the tanks are safely installed and operated. Our engineers design with compliance and machine functionality in mind.

Preventative maintenance for blast freezing machinery and equipment

Lack of preventative maintenance is generally the number one reason that machines fail. Machines require maintenance at specific intervals which are recommended by the machine’s manufacturer.

Join dozens of drink manufacturers and partner with Midsouth to handle all of your blast-freezing machinery preventative maintenance. Avoid expensive repairs and downtime and focus on production. Leave the inspecting, cleaning, and preventative maintenance to us.

Disassembling, Moving, Reassembling, Inspecting Blast Freezing Machinery

As production requirements change, so does the optimal configuration of machinery. If your plant is scaling up or down or simply upgrading equipment, Midsouth is here to disassemble, transport, and reassemble your blast-freezing machinery and equipment. We move heavy machinery all across the Southeast and beyond. Our millwrights are highly trained and ready for any project.

We have experience installing, maintaining, and repairing all types of blast-freezing equipment.

Here’s a shortlist:

> Large Storage Tanks
> Walk-in Coolers
> Tunnel Freezing Machines
> Water Treatment Plants
> Conveyance Systems

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Safety is paramount in everything we do.

ISNetworld Member – Midsouth Mechanical has maintained an A rating through ISNetworld since joining in 2012.

Avetta Approved Contractor – Since 2012 Midsouth has maintained A ratings as an Avetta approved contractor.

OSHA Trained – All team members are equipped with OSHA 10 certification. OSHA training is performed in house through our OSHA Certified Trainer.

Midsouth Mechanical clients get results.

Just ask them.

Midsouth Mechanical has consistently met or exceeded our expectations each and every project. The cooperation and collaboration that Midsouth Mechanical brings to the table is greatly appreciated. All projects have been completed in a timely manner with excellent results.

Thomas H.

President, Pratt & Whitney

Midsouth Mechanical is very capable in rigging, transporting, and installing machinery of all types. Midsouth Mechanical also installed many other services, such as installing large 10” compressed-air piping loops, underground repairs, design of tooling/processing aids, insulation, many auxiliary items.

Charles P.

Milliken, Project Manager

We utilized Midsouth Mechanical most recently on a large project located in Columbus, Georgia, and they were great to work with from the bidding phase all the way through completed construction. We have found that Midsouth Mechanical’s quality of work to be excellent and their pricing very competitive.

Chase C.

VP, Carlisle General Contracting

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