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    Since 2010, the number of micro-breweries in the United States has ballooned from 1,758 to almost 9,000 in 2020. Brewing beer is an American tradition that goes all the way back to the Founding Fathers. Thomas Jefferson’s wife supposedly brewed 15 gallons of beer every two weeks! The equipment used back in those days is very different compared to today’s utilization of complex piping and large tanks.

    We have installed processes piping, large tanks, and other industrial and commercial piping to meet the needs of many breweries across the South. Our team is experienced and ready to help with any brewery installation or preventative maintenance needs. Give us a call today or fill out this form to speak with a project manager.

    Proudly serving the best breweries across the Southeast

    Midsouth Mechanical is proud work with some of the finest brewers in Georgia, Tennessee, and North and South Carolina

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    Process piping & sanitary piping with stainless steel

    Hygienic, resistant to corrosion, and strong. These are the obvious benefits to using stainless steel in the brewing, fermentation, and bottling of beer. Our team is experienced with the food and beverage industry. We know stainless steel well and will ensure that the welding does not cause small imperfections that can become a crevice or pit where bacteria will hideout. This careful attention to detail ensures the finished product tastes fresh.

    Large tank installation

    Midsouth Mechanical has a 25+ year reputation for safely moving large pieces of equipment and machinery. With our highly experienced team and equipment, we can easily move large stainless steel tanks into position for brewery operations. We work with microbreweries or craft breweries as well as commercial brewers on installations as well as swapping out broken or damaged tanks. If your project requires storage we can help. We have warehousing space near major cities all over the South. Let Midsouth be your one-stop shop for mechanical contracting needs.

    Distillery installation and maintenance

    Breweries aren’t the only ones getting back to the long-time American tradition of making alcohol, craft distilleries are also increasing in numbers. Copper is the metal of choice for many of the key parts of distilling spirits and requires a different skill set than working with stainless steel. If turning malted barley, corn, and sometimes rye into alcohol is your passion, we can help with any of the mechanical contracting needs. We also help with industrial cleaning.

    Safety is paramount in everything we do.

    ISNetworld Member – Midsouth Mechanical has maintained an A rating through ISNetworld since joining in 2012.

    Avetta Approved Contractor – Since 2012 Midsouth has maintained A ratings as an Avetta approved contractor.

    OSHA Trained – All team members are equipped with OSHA 10 certification. OSHA training is performed in house through our OSHA Certified Trainer.

    Midsouth Mechanical clients get results.

    Just ask them.

    Midsouth Mechanical has consistently met or exceeded our expectations each and every project. The cooperation and collaboration that Midsouth Mechanical brings to the table is greatly appreciated. All projects have been completed in a timely manner with excellent results.

    Thomas H.

    President, Pratt & Whitney

    Midsouth Mechanical is very capable in rigging, transporting, and installing machinery of all types. Midsouth Mechanical also installed many other services, such as installing large 10” compressed-air piping loops, underground repairs, design of tooling/processing aids, insulation, many auxiliary items.

    Charles P.

    Milliken, Project Manager

    We utilized Midsouth Mechanical most recently on a large project located in Columbus, Georgia, and they were great to work with from the bidding phase all the way through completed construction. We have found that Midsouth Mechanical’s quality of work to be excellent and their pricing very competitive.

    Chase C.

    VP, Carlisle General Contracting

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