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Winder Mechanical Contractor

Get started with your Winder project today with a free quote! Midsouth Mechanical has been providing safe, cost-effective, and reliable mechanical contracting services across the Southeast for over 25 years.

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Full Service Winder Mechanical Contractor

Our main aim at Midsouth Mechanical is to complete all projects on time and within budget never compromising on quality, thereby providing our customers in Winder with the highest level of service within the areas of custom fabrication, modifications, and repair of industrial equipment.

Mechanical Contracting

In Winder, Midsouth Mechanical offers complete mechanical contracting solutions from design, supply, installation, and testing of various systems. Our experienced contractors take existing systems and redesign them so that they can work better. They assemble any machine or equipment and keep them running once they are installed. They also specialize in heating or cooling systems, refrigeration, piping, and plumbing. They have an extensive range of expertise that comprises a huge part of creating and maintaining machinery so that it fulfills its purpose.

Industrial Process Piping

Large-scale industrial facilities rely on piping to perform crucial tasks. Whether it is a new installation, maintenance, or repair of an existing system, it is imperative for you to secure reliable industrial process piping services. Midsouth Mechanical stands out as a leader in industrial process piping in Winder since we consistently and successfully tackle many diverse projects for our clients at the highest standards.


Experience is paramount when it comes to rigging. Midsouth Mechanical has a highly skilled workforce with many years of combined experience. They are trained and certified and meet all regulatory requirements. They continue to execute tasks with current, well-maintained equipment from top manufacturers in the industry. Our experienced riggers also possess the requisite skills including blueprint reading and welding and they prioritize safety when using all tools and equipment.


For customers in Winder, GA, Midsouth Mechanical provides routine maintenance and repair work for industrial equipment and machinery. We also install and assemble specialized equipment for industrial applications based on designs, blueprints, and installation manuals. We regularly, dismantle and replace old equipment with updated models. Specialized tools such as hydraulic bolters, arc welders, and cranes are used to repair, disassemble and assemble industrial machinery. Most importantly, we adhere to safety regulations and procedures at all times so as to prevent hazards and accidents.

Machine Moving

Midsouth Mechanical is well known for providing machinery moving, rigging, and plant relocation services that are reliable and safe in Winder, GA. We offer industrial equipment moving services of every size across town or across the state. We will manage your entire move or just a portion of it with precision until your machines are back up and running.


We offer welding services in Winder, GA. Our certified welders have the capabilities to meet any requirements our customers need. They weld metals in any fabrication process, including stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum. Midsouth Mechanical has invested in the latest technology and that has enabled us to consistently produce precision parts at a rapid pace.

Winder's first call for mechanical contracting services

We focus on safety, being cost-effective, and high-quality work – every time.


Winder: Gateway to the Appalachians

Winder is located within North-Central Georgia at the southern tip of the Appalachian Mountains and has a population size of 15,403 people and a very low unemployment rate of 3%. From as early as 1908, the City of Winder was experiencing tremendous growth in the manufacturing business. Then, Winder was considered as the auto center of Northeast Georgia. With railroad expansion bursting on the American scene in 1880s, providing transportation of products for local farmers and merchants alike, such infrastructure also resulted in increased population growth within the area.

Today, Winder’s small-town feel has endured and several buildings that once housed hardware and general merchandise stores remain in good condition. Midsouth Mechanical has found a home in Winder and provides mechanical contracting, industrial process piping, rigging, millwrighting, machine moving, and welding services to our customers there.

Dedicated to customer service

Midsouth Mechanical is a leading design/build mechanical contractor providing services ranging from preventive plant maintenance to the design, installation, and alignment of custom machinery. With over 25 years in operation, we provide the highest level of customer service, skills, and expertise qualifying us as the industry leader in several towns and cities in Georgia and the wider United States.

Our main aim at Midsouth Mechanical is to complete all projects on time and within budget and never compromising on quality, thereby providing our customers within Winder with the highest level of service within the areas of custom fabrication, modifications, and repair of industrial equipment.

A Mechanical Contractor with a Rich History

Since 1989, Midsouth Mechanical has provided the highest level of mechanical and industrial contracting services throughout the Southeast. Our founder, Mr. Charles Arrington was 100% committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations and keeping costs low. He was adamant about creating lifelong customers. Today, two of his sons proudly carry on his legacy and are regarded as one of the best mechanical contractors in the Southeast.

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    Midsouth Mechanical has consistently met or exceeded our expectations each and every project. The cooperation and collaboration that Midsouth Mechanical brings to the table is greatly appreciated. All projects have been completed in a timely manner with excellent results.

    Thomas H.

    President, PSI

    Midsouth Mechanical is very capable in rigging, transporting, and installing machinery of all types. Midsouth Mechanical also installed many other services, such as installing large 10” compressed-air piping loops, underground repairs, design of tooling/processing aids, insulation, many auxiliary items.

    Charles P.

    Milliken, Project Manager

    We utilized Midsouth Mechanical most recently on a large project located in Columbus, Georgia, and they were great to work with from the bidding phase all the way through completed construction. We have found that Midsouth Mechanical’s quality of work to be excellent and their pricing very competitive.

    Chase C.

    VP, Carlisle General Contracting

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    Press Repairs

    Machinery Movers


    Process Piping

    Fabrication & Erection

    Safety is paramount in everything we do.

    ISNetworld Member – Midsouth Mechanical has maintained an A rating through ISNetworld since joining in 2012.

    Avetta Approved Contractor – Since 2012 Midsouth has maintained A ratings as an Avetta approved contractor.

    OSHA Trained – All team members are equipped with OSHA 10 certification. OSHA training is performed in house through our OSHA Certified Trainer.

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