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So, your company is growing, and you need to expand your warehouse? Or maybe you just started a company and are looking to build your first factory so you can get production started. How do you go about finding a contractor that fits your needs?

Even if you do not know much about contractors or what they can do, there are some simple questions you can ask to make sure you select the right contractor for your business.

1. Is the company organized? When you call or email them, do they respond in a timely manner? Any company that does not have time for you probably does not have time for your project. When you do talk to them are, they prepared? Do they remember the small details of your project? Your contractor should pay close attention to detail, so they know they specifics of your job. If you hire a contractor that doesn’t pay attention to the small details, you are probably going to run into issues before, during, and even after your project is completed making it costlier for you in the long run.

2. Does the company have experience? Have they done a project like yours before? Has your contractor had experience installing equipment in your service field or are you their guinea pig? A contractor with experience is going to be able to prevent problems before they occur and be better equipped to solve a problem if one does come up during construction. If they have done a project like yours before was it done well? Ask for references. If they can’t give you any, odds are it wasn’t.

3. Does the company have the capacity for your project? Do they have access to the type and amount of materials you need? At what cost? Do they have a large enough work force for your project? Are they having to hire outside labor to complete a project of your size? If so, are they using labor they know and trust, or are they stretching their means and having to hire the only labor they can find.

4. Is the company safe? Check their safety ratings and certifications. How do they practice safety daily? Are their employees trained to be safe on the job? Do not be afraid to ask your contractor these questions. A good contractor will be glad to answer you.

5. Can the company deliver within your budget and schedule? Review the detailed estimate. How does it compare to other estimates you have received or projects you have done in the past? Make sure you receive a detailed schedule. Can they get your project done in time? Do they have the capabilities to overcome a setback and still make sure your project is done by the set date?

When it comes down to it, this is your project and you must pick the best contractor for you and your company. Do not compromise your standards because the cheapest contractor does not have standards as high.

Here at Midsouth Mechanical, we strive to be best in class in each of these five areas. To learn more about what we do and our experience visit:

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