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If properly installed and used, the arc welder is very safe. If used improperly, the unit can expose welders to fire, explosion, and retinal burns.

Here is an Example

Ben was working from an aerial lift in a factory, welding angle iron supports to a steel joist. The area directly below Ben contained magnesium shavings and cuttings. Welding sparks and slag from the welding operation landed in the magnesium shavings, causing a violent fire that engulfed Ben. He sustained severe burns, fire and smoke inhalation, asphyxia and was killed.

  1. Why did this happen?
  2. Have you known or heard of anyone who was injured or killed while welding?
  3. If so, what happened?

Preventing Injuries from Arc Welding

  • Inspect the arc welder before starting any operation
  • Read all warning labels and instruction manuals for the welder.
  • Remove all potential fire hazards from the welding area for at least 35 feet.
  • Use fire tarps to prevent sparks from coming in contact with flammable or combustible materials or liquids.
  • Have a fire extinguisher ready for immediate use.
  • Don’t strike an arc without proper eye protection.

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