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As in the healthcare industry, construction workers should assume that all surfaces are contaminated with potentially infectious materials and use precautions when working in wastewater areas or on live sewer lines. 

Here is an Example

David, a construction worker, accidentally rolled his loader into a lake. Although David survived the accident, it prompted the company to test the lake, which was contaminated with raw sewage.

  1. What should David have done after discovering the lake was contaminated?
  2. What should the company do?

Promoting Biohazard Safety

  • Avoid direct contact with raw sewage. For pipelines or other inspections, remote-controlled robotic cameras can minimize human exposure.
  • Use liquid-proof gloves, boots, and face protection when in direct contact with raw sewage. Face shields should be used where splashing is anticipated.
  • Was clothing at high temperatures (160°F) to ensure that all organisms are destroyed.  Contaminated items should be kept away from eating and food storage areas.
  • Clean, treat, and report any cuts or punctures immediately. Consider all wounds as potentially infected.

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