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Today we celebrate those that are paving the way for women in the industry. These women work daily to change the status quo and deserve to be recognized for their hard work and determination. Studies show that women in leadership positions tend to improve decision making and although some of the barriers that were made to keep women out of the construction field have fallen, there is still a ton of work to be done and we are #pressingforprogress

Did you know that only 1.2% of all tradespeople are women, and only 8.9% of all construction workers are women! Of that 8.9%, 86.7% hold an office position. What can your company do to help women get into the field? Make sure your staff promotes gender equality every single day. In your marketing, show the women you already have working for you, let other women know that your company is helping pave the way for them to succeed.

As a woman why should you want to work in the construction industry? Well, there are many reasons. One is that it provides an opportunity not only to work all over the country but around the world as well. Another reason is that every single day is something new, so you’re constantly learning. There are many organizations and associations that support women in construction and joining these provides multiple opportunities to network, learn, and support and be supported by other women.

We are challenging everyone to work every day to welcome women into the construction industry and to provide equal opportunity for employment for everyone.


Here are some resources that promote women in the construction industry:


Canadian Association of Women in Construction:

National Association of Professional Women in Construction:

National Association of Women in Construction:

Women Construction Owners & Executives USA:


Constructing Equality:



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