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“Safety is not an intellectual exercise to keep us in work. It is a matter of life and death. It is the sum of our contributions to safety management that determines whether the people we work with live or die”

-Sir Brian Appleton

Here at Midsouth Mechanical safety is our number one priority. Last week, we put some of our crew through the American Heart Association CPR, AED and first aid certification course. Our crew got hands on with dummies to practice operation of an AED machine, chest compressions, mouth to mouth, the Heimlich Maneuver and many more actions to be better prepared when an accident has occurred. 

Midsouth Mechanical takes pride in knowing that our crew can handle an accident in the matter of a second and potentially save lives of the people around them. From welders to pipe fitters to millwrights and so on, we provide jobs with top notch, highly qualified and SAFE employees. Let Midsouth bring safety to your job site! Call us today at (706)-884-3206 to speak with an estimator and get your job quoted so you can have safety and accuracy on your job!