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The maintenance, repair, cleaning, and storage of tools used on a construction site can help in the prevention of injuries and deaths. It is not only important to perform proper maintenance for the equipment, but this can prove helpful for the individuals using the equipment as well.


Prior to starting the day’s work, Hank checked out the forklift he was going to be using. While inspecting the upper portion of the cab he did not notice the grease and oil that had leaked onto the floor. He slipped and wrenched his knee badly causing him to miss a week’s work while recovering.

  1. How could this injury have been prevented?
  2. When you are at work, do you make sure that all safety equipment is working properly?
  • Maintain buildings, equipment, and machinery in safe working order and in good repair.
  • Keep tools neat and orderly, whether in the tool room, on the rack, in the yard, or on the bench.
  • Return tools promptly after use to reduce the chance of them being misplaced, lost, or damaged.
  • Regularly inspect, clean and repair all tools and take any damaged or worn tools out of service.
  • Do not block aisles, stairs, exits, fire equipment, emergency eyewash fountains, emergency showers, or first aid stations with stored materials.

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