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So many companies today are “going green” or at least making steps in the right direction. There are many benefits to becoming a green contractor. Not only is there a new market opening up with more green buildings being built every year, but you will be increasing efficiency and effectiveness in your operation. Not only does this show your commitment to the environment, but it is also showing commitment to your community, employees, and customers. By going green, you will be saving water, energy, and raw materials while reducing pollution and waste. So, how can you become a green contractor? There are many ways to do so, but here a few.

  1. Recycling building materials
    Instead of demolition, try deconstruction. By saving the materials, they can be reused and won’t end up in a landfill somewhere. Metals can be recycled, concrete can be used for base material in other mixtures, and wood can be reused in many ways.
    You can even look further into basic materials, and reuse doors, lighting fixtures, HVAC units, windows, and anything else that would be required when building a structure.
  2. ZNE Buildings
    Zero net energy buildings are becoming more popular every day. Learning what goes into designing and building a ZNE building could drastically help your company. These buildings are able to reproduce, through wind turbines, solar panels, etc., the same amount of energy every year. As a contractor, you may not be constructing the actual building, but learning about the systems and specifics that go into one of these buildings. ZNE has become widespread and not only are office buildings going green, but houses, retail stores/malls, and even stadiums are being built to be a ZNE building.
  3. Planning Buildings to withstand their environment
    Resilient designing is becoming a trend after the reoccurrence of natural disasters lately. Designing buildings in Florida to withstand hurricanes, or building to withstand any other natural disaster is a way to prevent the waste of materials and the pollution when these materials are blown away into the oceans and forests. This allows buildings to withstand natural disasters that occur in different regions, creating a safer and more efficient use of buildings.
  4. Using green materials
    Understanding the effects the materials you are using have on the environment allows you to choose materials that are best for the environment and your project. EPDs, or environmental product declarations, are used to show exactly the impact each material has on the environment.
  5. Becoming green certified
    It is not necessary, but becoming a green-certified contractor will build your credibility with current clients, potential clients, and members of the communities you work in. Being a green company not only builds your credibility but it decreases your operational costs, increases efficiency and effectiveness, and it’s also really good for the environment.

Overall, going green has many benefits for your company. Not only are you building credibility with your customer base, but you’re making a commitment to your community and saving money while helping the environment.

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