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Tool Box Tuesday

Hazards in the Workplace

By June 22, 2020December 10th, 2023No Comments

Every single day we are faced with hazards whether that is walking out of our house in the morning or during the tasks we complete at work. For a workplace to be safe the employees must have the training and knowledge to be able to recognize hazards and take actions to stray away from them. All too often, hazards are recognized or identified, but actions are not taken to eliminate the hazard. When this occurs, the hazard is left to be dealt with by anyone in that work area.

It is impossible to fully eliminate every single hazard we face while at work. Too many hazards are left for employees to have to deal with or work around instead of addressing them properly. There are many examples of this occurring in every single workplace.

Do not just “deal” with hazards, eliminate them whenever possible. All too often the time or energy is not spent to properly address hazards to make a work area or work task safe. It is true that taking some action is better than none at all, but often it does not take much more time to get the problem fully corrected and addressed to be sure no one will be injured by that hazard. Here at Midsouth Mechanical, safety is imperative and we keep hazardous situations very minimal. Give us a call today at (706)-884-3206 to see how we can safely help you!