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Huntsville's heavy machinery movers

The city of Huntsville, Alabama is famous for being the Rocket City. During World War II and up until the present day, space technology has been a major part of Huntsville’s economy. In addition to many aerospace companies, Huntsville has also attracted suppliers to major automakers as more of the companies relocate their plants to the Southeast.

Midsouth Mechanical is proud to provide these industry-leading companies with safe and efficient heavy machinery moving. Our qualified team of riggers and millwrights are experienced and ready to take on any machine move including relocating entire plants.

Boeing establishes a major presence in the city of Huntsville

One such company is The Boeing Company. In 2011 they began work on a new missile factory in order to support ‘advanced weapons’ development for the U.S. Army. This missile plant will be located near Redstone Arsenal, an Army installation where rocketry has played a major role in its history. This plant will be the only facility of its kind in America; it is expected that about 30,000 new jobs will be created to support the plant’s operation.

The Boeing Company was recently given a $529 million contract by NASA to manage all transportation operations for the agency. Boeing will oversee several other companies who are responsible for transporting components of spacecraft; these subcontractors include Northrop Grumman and ATK. The three companies combined employ nearly 5,000 people as part of this massive project.

Huntsville's first call for mechanical contracting services

Midsouth Mechanical has been a part of the city’s thriving economy by providing its mechanical contracting services to many top employers. Our team is ready and able to ensure that all your machinery and equipment move safely and efficiently. We are Huntsville’s first call for heavy machinery moving. If you would like more information about our services or how we can help your company, feel free to contact us at Midsouth Mechanical today.

Midsouth Mechanical is proud to be your first call for heavy machinery moving in the city of Huntsville. We are committed to working with you and providing you with our comprehensive services.

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