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North Georgia Experiences Job Growth with New Poultry Processing Facility

North Georgia is witnessing an economic boost with the construction of a new poultry processing plant in Murray County. The facility, operated by Harrison Poultry, is expected to generate approximately 200 jobs, offering an economic boon to the region.

Harrison Poultry, a Georgia-based company, recently unveiled its new $70 million poultry processing plant in the West Murray Industrial Park. The facility spans 190,000 square feet and will process up to 1.8 million birds weekly, serving as a significant player in the local poultry industry.

The opening ceremony was attended by prominent figures, including Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Harrison Poultry CEO David Bleth. They highlighted the potential positive impacts of the new facility on the local economy and workforce.

Governor Kemp praised Harrison Poultry’s investment in the region, citing it as evidence of Georgia’s robust business climate and ability to attract new industries. He emphasized the importance of the agricultural sector, particularly poultry, in driving the state’s economy.

Meanwhile, David Bleth expressed optimism about the new facility’s role in supporting North Georgia’s economic growth. He acknowledged the support received from local and state officials, as well as the community, in bringing the project to fruition.

To ensure the plant’s success, Harrison Poultry has partnered with Georgia Quick Start, a workforce training program under the state’s Technical College System. The program will provide customized training to the new employees, preparing them for various job roles at the facility.

Local officials and residents are hopeful that the new poultry processing plant will bring much-needed job opportunities and economic growth to the area. The project showcases the potential for collaboration between private companies, government entities, and communities in fostering economic development.

The new Harrison Poultry processing facility in North Georgia is set to bolster the region’s economy and job market. With the support of the local community, state officials, and workforce training initiatives, the plant is poised to make a lasting positive impact.

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