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Quality-Assured Process Piping Systems for Pharmaceutical Needs

Process piping is a vital part of any pharmaceutical company’s production process. The pipes used in these processes must meet stringent requirements in terms of both quality and sanitation. In addition to the cleanliness that process piping brings to pharmaceutical facilities, there are production performance gains. In the highly competitive world of pharmaceuticals, bringing a new drug to market can mean the difference in billions of dollars in revenue.

Mechanical contracting standards in this industry is well documented.

  • ISPE Pharmaceutical Engineering Baseline Guides
  • AWS D18.1/DI8.2 Specification (welding standards for sanitary process piping)
  • ASME Bioprocessing Equipment Standard (BPE-97)

With production being strictly monitored by the Federal Food & Drug Administration, there is no margin for error. The multi-billion dollar facilities that produce pharmaceuticals at scale must run with no unexpected downtime. Our piping installations are stringently tested to ensure reliable production. Preventative maintenance at regular intervals is highly recommended and is a service we offer.

The North Carolina ‘Research Triangle’ continues to lead the country in medical research. In fact, just this past December, Pfizer announced it will invest another $68.5 M into its Durham campus. The growth of jobs in this industry over the last decade inside of the Research Triangle has surpassed an impressive 20%. This is far greater than any other part of the country. New technology used to develop treatments and vaccines more rapidly than ever will continue to fuel growth in this industry.

Projects completed safely and on time

At Midsouth Mechanical, we have extensive experience developing process piping systems that meet the highest standards. With a nearby office in Greenville, we are uniquely positioned to serve the process piping needs of pharmaceutical companies in the Research Triangle. We use only the best materials and employ state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to ensure that our products meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

In addition to our high-quality standards, we also place a great emphasis on ensuring that our process piping systems are properly sanitized. We use special cleaners and disinfectants that are designed specifically for this purpose. This ensures that our products are safe for use in any pharmaceutical production environment.

If you are looking for a contractor that offers extensive piping services that can provide you with quality products and reliable service, look no further than Midsouth Mechanical. We are confident that we can meet or exceed your expectations and are proud to contribute to the development of life-saving pharmaceuticals. Contact us today to learn more about our industrial pharmaceutical process piping solutions.

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