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How do you keep your workers safe on a daily basis? How do you keep them from forgetting small safety steps they learned before they started a job a few months ago? Toolbox talks are your answer. Keeping the minds of your workers focused on safety and refreshing them on topics that are relevant to their daily jobs will keep your safety standards high and your number of accidents and injuries low. Today we’re going to walk you through a few reasons it is so important to have safety talks regularly.

Continuous Training
No one is ever “done training”. There are always ways to grow, things forgotten, and new things to learn. The industry is constantly changing and evolving and without constant learning, your workers are going to fall behind with no way to catch up. Toolbox talks not only keep your crew up to date on the latest safety news but on how safety is changing and advancing.

Jobsite Changes
How do you make sure those two guys that just came back from a week off about all the new changes on the job site? Do you rely on others to tell them? No, you should be holding toolbox talks to let your entire crew know about the new trench that was dug last night or the wires that are now live where you are working. This makes sure you not only let people who missed a day know but reminds everyone to be aware of the changes on your job site.

Preventing Accidents
Reminding your seasoned workers of safe practices lets them go throughout the day with those safety tips on their mind so they are less likely to cut corners to forget to do the small safety steps that they would otherwise have forgotten. The more talks you have with your workers about safety, the more likely they are going to be safe throughout their job.

Increased Communication
Toolbox talks not only allows superintendents and management staff to remind workers about general safety, but it allows lets the ground workers communicate safety issues or concerns with everyone else. If there are tools that are broken or outdated, this is a way to let management know they need to be replaced or to remind other workers not to use them. This is also a time to double check that everyone’s safety equipment is in good shape and working correctly. Opening lines of communication in a daily setting keeps small things from slipping through the cracks and going unnoticed.

Toolbox Talks are essential on a job site. Not only do they open communication lines, but they allow safety to be the number one priority in everyone’s mind and helps your entire company to embrace safety compliance.