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$305 Million Investment Into Georgia's Thriving Food & Beverage Production Industry

Georgia Governor Brian P. Kemp today proclaimed that Yakult U.S.A., a front-runner in the Japanese probiotic beverage industry, has decided to establish its second U.S. facility in Bartow County. This move will result in the creation of over 90 specialized jobs, with an investment of an estimated $305 million into a state-of-the-art food and beverage mechanical production facility.

Governor Kemp stated, “Leveraging our robust logistics framework that seamlessly connects Georgia’s companies with global markets, we consistently entice industry-leading entities like Yakult U.S.A. The mechanical contractor landscape of Northwest Georgia has significantly flourished since my tenure, having generated more than 11,000 specialist roles across the domain. We’re delighted to have Yakult aboard as they augment this trajectory.”

Established in 1990, Yakult U.S.A. inaugurated its inaugural U.S. mechanical production plant in 2014.

President and CEO of Yakult U.S.A., Yutaka Misumi, mentioned, “Yakult, with its rich legacy originating from Japan in 1935, has successfully expanded its footprint across 40 nations, encompassing key distributors in the U.S. The State of Georgia aligns impeccably with our mechanical contracting requisites, from its conducive climate for our processing operations to the optimized logistics for effective product distribution. Backed by the unwavering support from the state and county, we’re confident that this new installation will predominantly cater to the eastern and central U.S. markets, enhancing our reach to American clientele.”

We're Thrilled to Integrate Yakult Into Our Industrial Community

The upcoming production hub of Yakult will be strategically located at Highland 75 Corporate/Industrial Park, a Georgia Ready for Accelerated Development (GRAD) Certified venue, approximately 45 minutes from Atlanta’s heart. The firm is on the lookout for full-time managers, assistants, and specialists in HVAC systems, mechanical systems maintenance, food-safe mechanical installations, quality assurance, and logistics management. The facility is projected to be operational by 2026.

Surpassing their sole Californian operation in magnitude, this new Yakult center will also offer guided tours, enlightening visitors on probiotics’ benefits and the intricacies of mechanical dairy product manufacturing.

Cartersville Mayor Matt Santini expressed his enthusiasm, “We’re thrilled to integrate Yakult into our industrial community, introducing top-tier jobs, valuable investments, and a business that epitomizes the innovative facet of the food and beverage mechanical contracting sector.”

Emphasizing the business-friendly nature of the locale, Bartow County Commissioner Steve Taylor added, “Yakult’s decision to anchor at a GRAD venue resonates with Cartersville and Bartow County’s ethos of prioritizing market agility within a pro-business milieu.”

Praising the investment, Metro Atlanta Chamber President and CEO Katie Kirkpatrick commented, “This substantial commitment from Yakult U.S.A. in metro Atlanta and Bartow County will invigorate our regional dynamics. The infusion of high-quality jobs will propel our community’s prosperity. The pivotal role of Japanese firms in metro Atlanta can’t be overstated, and we’re deeply appreciative of Yakult’s allegiance to our region.”

Mellissa Takeuchi, the Project Manager, represented the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s (GDEcD) Global Commerce team for this venture, collaborating with several local partners.

GDEcD Commissioner Pat Wilson acknowledged, “Our 50-year persistent representation in Japan couldn’t have found a better testament than Yakult’s decision to join our industrial community. Georgia’s international outposts fortify our connections, bolstering trade, investments, and tourism ventures. Today’s announcement exemplifies how our collaborations with the Japan Office have contributed immensely to Georgia’s manufacturing, food and beverage mechanical contracting, and auto sectors.”

Japan holds a pivotal position in Georgia’s commercial dynamics, with over 460 Japanese facilities in operation and employing over 49,000 Georgians. Trade volumes between Georgia and Japan soared to over $9.7 billion in 2022, cementing Japan as Georgia’s 6th premier trading ally.

Georgia has sustained economic ties with Japan since the early 70s, having assisted a myriad of Japanese firms in their expansions to Georgia.

About Yakult U.S.A.:

Based in Fountain Valley, California, Yakult U.S.A. Inc. introduces the globally renowned probiotic beverage, Yakult, to U.S. and Canadian markets. For in-depth details, please explore

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