[full_width padding="0 100px 0 100px"] How do you keep your workers safe on a daily basis? How do you keep them from forgetting small safety steps they learned before they started a job a few months ago? Toolbox talks are your answer. Keeping the minds of your workers focused on

What is lean management and how can it help your business?

So, what is lean management? Lean management is an approach to running a business that focuses on continuous improvement. Lean looks to eliminate waste by looking at a process and cutting out steps that do not create value. Although the roots of lean management are in manufacturing, lean can be

5 Things To Look For When Selecting A Mechanical Contractor

So, your company is growing and you need to expand your warehouse? Or maybe you just started a company and are looking to build your first factory so you can get production started. How do you go about finding a contractor that fits your needs? Even if you don’t know

Midsouth Mechanical – A Little about Our Services in the Alpha City

Atlanta, the World City or the Alpha City that was established in 1837, is now considered as a center of finance, research, technology and commerce. It has also, at the same time, observed a rise in its construction sector. Accordingly, we, at Midsouth Mechanical, cater to the needs and demands