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OSHA estimates that there are 680,400 forklift accidents each year. 

Here is an Example

Ricky, a forklift operator, was moving a load of drywall panels when he slowed down and looked to the left of where he was turning. At that exact moment, Lisa, another worker, stepped in the path of the oncoming forklift. As she was picking up the items she was struck by the forklift. Ricky stopped suddenly and the drywall panels fell off and struck Lisa breaking her leg.

  1. What caused the accident?
  2. Have you ever hit someone with a forklift?
  3. Have you ever been hit by a forklift?
  4. How could this accident have been avoided?

Preventing Forklift Injuries

  • Do not operate a forklift unless you have been trained and certified.
  • Use seatbelts if they are available.
  • Report to your supervisor any damage or problems that occur to a forklift during your shift.
  • Exit from a stand-up type forklift with rear-entry access by stepping backward in case of lateral tip-over.
  • Use extreme caution on grades or ramps.
  • On grades, tilt the load back and raise it only as far as needed to clear the road surface.
  • Do not raise or lower the forks while the forklift is moving.
  • Do not drive up to anyone standing in front of a bench or other fixed object.
  • Travel backward with the load if you cannot see in front of you.
  • Sound horn when turning corners where you cannot see.
  • Band or secure loads on forklifts if they could fall.
  • Make sure the forklift is inspected every day before use.

If you don’t own a forklift, be sure to rent reliable forklift equipment.

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