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Midsouth hires only qualified millwrights and mechanics. We take full responsibility for our customers’ equipment, from setting and aligning to preventative maintenance. At Midsouth, we have over 18,000 square feet of warehouse space available in the Atlanta area to hold equipment and machinery while we are moving to repair, or rebuilding your equipment. Let Midsouth be a one-stop shop for your machine moving needs. From planning to holding your equipment and then re-setting it back into your factory, let us take care of your equipment. We have a field of over 100 of the most skilled workers in the southeast, and we want to provide our customers with the best service possible.

Midsouth Mechanical is an ISNetworld Approved mechanical contractor servicing industrial plants with the following services: Heavy Machine Moves, Plant Re-Location Services, Specialized Rigging, Setting and Alignment, Equipment Storage, and Warehousing. Our millwrights read blueprints and schematic drawings to determine work procedures, to construct foundations for and to assemble, dismantle and overhaul machinery and equipment, using hand and power tools and to direct workers engaged in such endeavors. We have lathes, milling machines, and grinders if we need to make customized parts or repairs. In the course of work, we can move, assemble and install machinery and equipment such as shafting, precision bearings, gearboxes, motors, mechanical clutches, conveyors, and tram rails, using hoists, pulleys, dollies, rollers, and trucks.

Midsouth has a vast stock of forklifts available for rent. Let our experienced team help you decide what is the best option for you and your job. We will work with you from the beginning to the end of your project to ensure our equipment is running efficiently and effectively.

Our skilled workers make relocating an entire plan a seamless and incident-free transition. Our team of engineers and managers will schedule a plan to unhook disassemble, relocate, and reassemble all of your equipment while being conscious of your time schedule and budget. Midsouth’s team has years of experience combined with continuous training and learning, bringing our customers highly knowledgeable partners that are able to decrease costs and downtime.

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    Let Midsouth Mechanical be your go-to machinery moving contractor in the Atlanta, GA area! Midsouth Mechanical has been doing business for almost 30 years. We offer our industrial clients efficient and cost-effective fabrication, modification, and repair of industrial equipment. From preventive plant maintenance, designing, installing and aligning machines, our exceptional skill and craftsmanship set us apart from the competition. Our number one priority day to day is safety. To see our published weekly Toolbox Talks, follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.