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Midsouth has been in the mechanical contracting and industrial contracting for over 31 years. In February of 1989, Charles Arrington opened the doors of Midsouth and stepped into the textile industry. In a matter of five short years, Midsouth expanded its employees jumping from five employees to over one hundred employees. With the growth being so rapid, Midsouth shortly was able to get into it’s first large office setting with around 18,000 square feet of shop space. That location would remain Midsouth Mechanical’s home for 19 years.

Upon deciding it was time for a change, Midsouth found a new home which had ample office space and a large shop across from it where they stayed until 2016. Into 2016, the current Midsouth home office was built to supply all our company’s needs and completed.

In 2017, Midsouth Mechanical expanded business and opened an office in Greenville, South Carolina. We were already working in South Carolina but in order to expand and get more projects going we made the executive decision to open an office there.

Currently, Midsouth Mechanical is still located at the office built in 2016 and gaining new business daily. We are a dedicated team and will continually strive for excellence. Midsouth hopes to continually expand business as time goes on and keep the company successful for the next 31 years to come.