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These days there are more opportunities in the trades for women. For women looking for a new career or considering switching fields, welding is an especially promising industry. When it comes to “non-traditional” occupations for women, welding can be one of the most vital, in-demand, and rewarding of the skilled trades.

As you weigh your career options and consider pursuing professional welding training, there are a few facts you should know about the industry. Learn why more women are gravitating toward skilled trades like welding and why this could be a positive move for you too. Welding, like many of the skilled trades, is facing a shortage that will continue as older workers are retiring. Most welders work in manufacturing, construction, or wholesale trade.

Welding can be an active job that offers flexible hours and travel opportunities. Additional certifications can give welders an edge, too, allowing them to sharpen their skill sets and focus on specific industries or specializations. Welders may inspect, educate, calculate, manage, manufacture, deliver, maintain machinery, and operate advanced computer systems.

Midsouth Mechanical is open to welders of all types as long as the project is completed successfully, safely, and in a timely manner. Give us a call at (706)-884-3206 to inquire about an open welding position!