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Unprecedented Collaboration: Bryan County Welcomes $2B Infusion, Solidifying Georgia's Position as the Pioneering Hub for E-Mobility Advancements

Atlanta, GA – Today, Governor Brian P. Kemp heralded a significant economic advancement for Bryan County, with Hyundai Motor Group and LG Energy Solution (LGES) amplifying their investment by an additional $2 billion in their battery cell manufacturing collaborative project at the Metaplant site. This augmentation escalates the venture’s total investment to a staggering $4.3 billion, promising to generate 400 new employment opportunities in the region.

“Within just a year, we have inaugurated the grandest project the state has ever witnessed, attracted numerous suppliers statewide for Hyundai’s Metaplant, and ushered LGES into Bryan County. We are enhancing our previous accomplishments, positioning Georgia as the nucleus of e-mobility in the country,” remarked Governor Brian Kemp. “Massive investments like these transform into wages for the diligent populace of Georgia, facilitating the improvement of educational institutions and infrastructure. We extend our gratitude to Hyundai Motor Group and LGES for reaffirming their faith in Georgia’s lucrative business environment.”

José Muñoz, holding significant positions at Hyundai Motor Company, vocalized their commitment to fostering a greener future facilitated by the American workforce. He acknowledged the relentless support from Governor Kemp and the vibrant communities across Georgia that fuel their daily operations, aiming to become pioneers in the electric mobility sector globally.

Earlier in May 2023, both giants had formulated a memorandum of understanding, establishing LGES as Hyundai Motor Group Metaplant America’s (HMGMA) integral partner for on-site battery cell manufacturing. The present declaration symbolizes a monumental $7.59 billion venture, aiming to create a remarkable 8,500 job opportunities in the coming eight years.

Dong-Myung Kim, the spearhead of the Advanced Automotive Battery Division at LG Energy Solution, emphasized their dedication towards accelerating America’s transition to electric vehicles, whilst simultaneously fortifying the local economy with the creation of substantial employment opportunities. He expressed enthusiasm to integrate their premium products and established operational expertise within Georgia’s vibrant communities.

Set to have a significant production capacity, the 30 GWh facility will substantiate the manufacturing of 300,000 electric vehicle units annually at its peak. Hyundai Mobis is slated to assemble battery packs, utilizing cells manufactured at this plant, to cater to Hyundai Motor Group’s American factories producing Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis electric vehicle models.

Carter Infinger, Chairman of the Savannah Harbor-Interstate 16 Corridor Joint Development Authority, anticipates the additional investment to revolutionize the Savannah region by generating 400 more lucrative job positions. He praised the continued commitment of Hyundai Motor Group and partners like LG Energy Solution as a transformative force for the locality.

Commending the strategic efforts and collaboration of multiple state and community partners, GDEcD Commissioner Pat Wilson acknowledged the significant strides Georgia has taken towards becoming a preeminent hub for electric vehicle manufacturing in the U.S. He congratulated all stakeholders, emphasizing Georgia’s sustained industry leadership and success in fostering job opportunities across the state.

As the burgeoning electric vehicle market gains momentum, Georgia remains steadfast in its objective to cultivate job prospects encompassing the entire supply chain. This pursuit has culminated in over $25 billion in investments and the generation of more than 30,000 jobs since 2018, a testament to the state’s progressive vision and resilient economy.

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