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$31.7 million venture is projected to generate up to 170 employment opportunities

Fortune 500 tech powerhouse Leidos announced its decision to inaugurate a new operation in Charleston County, South Carolina. This $31.7 million venture is projected to generate up to 170 employment opportunities gradually.

The forthcoming facility is set to be Leidos’ premier Manufacturing Center of Excellence for its Security Enterprise Solutions (SES) wing. It is geared to manufacture top-tier aerospace security systems for inspecting checked luggage, cargo, and passengers. This development will permit Leidos to internalize more of its manufacturing process, thus affording them enhanced operational control by lessening external dependencies.

Leidos’ SES boasts a diverse range of automated, integrated solutions tailored for sectors including aviation, maritime ports, border checkpoints, and crucial global infrastructure. Their security detection offerings encompass an impressive 30,000+ products spread across 129 nations.

The company has plans to lease a sprawling 150,000-square-foot workspace within the Ladson Industrial Park, North Charleston. This strategic move aims to magnify the firm’s capacity to serve its expanding clientele and enhance manufacturing precision, quality, and safety by embracing industry-leading production methods.

The operational kick-off is scheduled for the initial quarter of 2024. Prospective applicants eager to be a part of Leidos can explore opportunities on their official careers page.

Job development credits in connection with this initiative received approval from The Coordinating Council for Economic Development.

Key Remarks

Jim Moos, Leidos Civil Group President, expressed, “We’re elated to share news about our latest manufacturing hub in South Carolina. This progression signifies Leidos’ renewed pledge to roll out avant-garde security systems. Our goal transcends delivering top-notch solutions – we envision fortifying the local community through job generation.”

Gov. Henry McMaster remarked, “It’s a privilege to welcome Leidos to South Carolina’s business fraternity. Charleston County’s robust workforce and infrastructure promise a bright future for Leidos.”

“Witnessing a global corporation like Leidos bolstering our local community is exhilarating. Their expansion will invigorate South Carolina’s economic landscape,” added Secretary of Commerce Harry M. Lightsey III.

Charleston County Council Chairman, Herbert Ravenel Sass III, commented, “Leidos’ new manufacturing hub accentuates Charleston County’s stature as a technology and innovation nucleus.”

Mike Fuller, Charleston Regional Development Alliance Board Chairman, noted, “Leidos’ presence in Charleston introduces a world of economic potential. Our local workforce crafting security products ensures a safer America.”

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Quick facts

Leidos is launching its newest operation in Charleston County, South Carolina.
The venture, worth $31.7 million, anticipates up to 170 job openings.
Recognized as a Fortune 500 tech magnate, Leidos is making strides.
The designated location is the Ladson Industrial Park, North Charleston, S.C.
Career opportunities with Leidos can be found on their official website.

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