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Fall hazards are recognized as one of the “OSHA Big Four” which account for the majority of fatalities in the construction industry.

Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS) must be inspected before each use.

  • Workers should look for any signs of damage on connectors, clips, carabiners, or the webbing of the lanyards, or ropes used.
  • Excessive wear, worn-out, or frayed items should be removed from service immediately!
  • Rusted components, webbing that has been burned or soaked in chemicals or paint must not be used.
  • Inspections should include looking for any signs of damage, excessive wear, rust, or chemical damage.
  • Any fall arrest system equipment found to be defective must be removed from service immediately!
  • Inspections should be documented using an inspection tag or other documentation.
  • Workers must be trained in fall protection and the specific types of Personal Fall Arrest Systems they will use on the job.

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