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OSHA may make inspections to any worksite and rarely will advance notice be provided. These inspections may cover the entire workplace or construction area, or just a few operations. OSHA inspectors are referred to as Compliance Officers and they may have training on safety hazards or health hazards (or both).


  • Notify the person responsible for the site such as the supervisor, manager, project superintendent or owner.
  • Request identification, write down the Compliance Officer’s name and ID number and ask which area office they represent.
  • The purpose of the inspection should be stated by the Compliance Officer before or during an opening conference at the beginning of the visit.
  • A manager should escort the Compliance Officer at all times.
  • During the walk-around inspection, the Compliance Officer is permitted to take notes and photographs and shall comply with the safety and health rules required on the job site.
  • Employees may be interviewed or written statements may be requested.
  • A company representative should take notes and photos of all inspection activities.
  • A closing conference will be arranged to allow the Compliance Officer to review any violations observed and refer to applicable OSHA standards.
  • Instructions on follow-up procedures will be provided at the end of the inspection.


  • Be cooperative.
  • Do not be sarcastic or argumentative.
  • Do not evade questions or try to hide anything.
  • Answer questions truthfully, but do not speculate.
  • Do not volunteer information, answer only the questions asked.
  • Do not volunteer an admission of guilt.
  • Take notes, measurements, and photos.
  • If possible, fix any violation immediately.

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